Video of US Singer Doja Cat Greeting 21 Savage in Yoruba on IG Live Goes Viral: Alaafia, Bawo Ni

As foreign artists embrace Yoruba culture, its influence spreads globally. A video featuring American singer Doja Cat and rapper 21 Savage greeting each other in Yoruba during Adin Ross' livestream has gained widespread attention. Doja Cat greeted 21 Savage with "Bawo Ni,"

A live stream featuring American singer Doja Cat and Grammy-winning rapper 21 Savage conversing in Yoruba has stirred significant reactions on social media.

In the viral video, Doja Cat greeted her colleague with Yoruba chants, and to many's surprise, 21 Savage responded in Yoruba as well. Doja Cat used the Yoruba phrase "Ogun ye, Bawo ni" to greet him, meaning "how are you, my friend," while 21 Savage replied with "Alaafia," signifying "I am fine and doing very well."

It was revealed that both artists practice Ifa, a Yoruba religious faith originating from Ile-Ife in Osun state.

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