How To Make Money Online On Howfaa Platform

HowFaa is a social networking website that connect you with good people, friends and the good things happening around you. The platform simply tailored toward assembling good people, exciting things and places.

This Tutorial is a simple guide on how the verification system works and steps on how to get started. There are four simple steps on how to earn on Howfaa leveraging on the Verification subscription earning system.

How It Works

This platform offers a whopping 60% commission on each activation and verification done by new users. When a user becomes a verified member by activating an account, you earn a 60% commission from each verification. (For example, if User A signs up and verifies his account by activating the Enterprise package of $135 USD, you earn 60% of $135 USD, which is $81 USD.)

For you to earn on this platform, follow this simple step by step process on how to sign up, fund wallet and verify account to get verified badge below:

Step 1.

Sign up account with an activation link and confirm your email.

Click SIGN UP to Register an acoount

# Choose a Username
# Enter your email address
# Choose a password
# Select your gender
# Check I'm not a robot box
# Check privacy policy box
# Hit the Sign Up botton

Go To Your Mailbox
# Click confirm email link sent
to your mail box to confirm your registration,

Step 2.

Fund your wallet

Fund your wallet for account verification. For you to start earning, you have to verify your account by activating any of the Enterprise packages. The current packages are:

  1. Cruise Member, $6usd
  2. Premium Member, $48usd
  3. Elite Member, $135usd

Click on your profile menu Icon at the top right side

# On the menu list, click on Wallet
# On your wallet page, click on Add Funds,
# On the add fund portal, enter amount you want to pay in, in USD, e.g $6, $48, $135
. and click on Continue to proceed with payment.

Choose Payment Method

Fund will reflect in your wallet after successful payment/approval. There are two available payments methods:

  1. PayPal and
  2. Bank Transfer.

Bank Transfer service is only available to users in Nigeria.

If you are a user in Nigeria, here is the process:

  • #Tap on Bank Transfer to view account details, read the instructions carefully.
  • If you are funding with $48, multiply it by the fixed exchange rate of N1,200/$1 as at the time of compiling this tutorial.
  • That is, $48 x 1200 = N57,600.. Make transfer of N57,600 to the naira account provided and upload screenshot of your receipt and click on publish. If your fund is confirmed it will be approved and you will see it reflected in your wallet.
  • This precess apply to any funding of wallet using bank transfer method.

Step 3.

Verify and activate your account

To Verify You account;
# Click on profile menu icon at the top right side
# On the Menu list, click on Upgrade to Enterprise
# On the package portal, choose a package
# Click on Activate Now
# Click on Pay Now

Your account will be verified instantly

Step 4

How To Copy Your Earning Link For Promotion

# Click on profile menu icon at the top right side
# On the Menu list, click on General setting
# On the left side menu, Click on My Activations to copy your earning link.

Copy and promote your earning link, the more people sign up with it and verify account, the more your earn 60% commission from each verification.

Step 5

How to Check Your Earnings

# Click on profile menu icon at the top right side
# On the Menu list, click on General setting
# On the left side menu, Click on My Earnings to view your earnings for withdrawal

Happy Earning!!

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